The 2016 Flight Archery Championships
USA Archery National Flight Archery
World Archery (FITA Star) Flight Championships

Flight Archer Silhouette
  • Where: Bonneville Salt Flats, outside of Wendover Utah (see map below)
  • When: Flight Archery on Friday September 2th and Saturday September 3th
  •               US Flight Broadhead Competition Sunday September 4th.

All participants are encouraged to arrive on Thursday, September 1rd for registration and preparation.

Rounds scheduled may be modified to accommodate weather conditions and/or event participation.

For more information contact USA Flight Archery Committee:

Jaap Koppedrayer — 912.586.2763 —

Alan Case — 971.998.5782 —

The Event Shooting Plan available soon.
Check back in mid-June for registration & event details.

Adult registration fees are $45.00 for six classes that include Four Ends of Regular Flight and Two Ends of Broadhead Flight.

Youth (18 years and under) Registration Fees are $15.00.

Contestants must be a member of a National Archery Association or must join USA Archery, starting at $50.00 for an adult membership, with options for family and youth participation. Membership must be current by the beginning of the shoot.

All US National and World Archery (FITA Star) Flight Classes may be shot. There will be a minimum of two rounds available to shoot per day, depending on weather, and each competitor should shoot one event for a given round. Each archer can choose what they will shoot for each round. This means that all bow types are usable for each round shot. There is no longer a schedule sheet that lists which events are scheduled for each round.

Rules & Equipment

USAA Flight Rules
USAA Flight Equipment
USAA Broadhead Rules
Click to Download PDF Copy

Click below for the final results and updated records list following the 2014 US Flight Archery Nationals, held August 29-31 at the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover Utah, USA.

Competitors broke or established over 11 new regular flight records plus an additional five new records for the Broadhead event.